Harry Burrell Platypus Memorial Project

197 Manilla St, Manilla NSW 2346

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In 1901, Manilla store-keeper and amateur naturalist Harry Burrell began unlocking the secrets of the platypus. After several decades of intensive research along the Manilla, Namoi and Macdonald Rivers, he published his finding to world-wide acclaim in his book “The Platypus”, in 1927. In 1937 he was awarded an O.B.E for his contribution to the world’s understanding of animal anatomy.

Manilla Museum holds copies of Mr. Burrell’s correspondence with his peers, contributed to the Manilla Archives by the American Museum of Natural History as part of the memorial project.

The Harry Burrell Memorial Project was initiated by Manilla Historical Society, researched by David Ridgewell and the project brought to completion by the efforts of MHS volunteers and many community members.

The memorial was unveiled by Mr. Noel Park M.P. on October 12, 1991.